A Personal Clothing Catalogue

8 Jan 2016 | Wardrobe | 2 comments

Rewind to 1995 – Cher Horowitz sits on the floor of her plush Beverly Hills bedroom, surrounded by clothes and with nothing to wear. She consults her handy computerised catalogue and finds the perfect outfit in minutes, inspiring awe and envy in the hearts of every 13 female the world over.

Cher from Clueless

Cher Horowitz (played by Alicia Silverstone) in the movie, “Clueless” 1995.

While not exactly as high-tech, we’ve come up with a way to give our clients personalised catalogues that will help them decide on perfect outfits when they’re feeling a little Clueless. The brainchild of expert stylist Stefanie Nothard,  the process is simple:

“I take photos of all the client’s clothing, what we purchased and anything she wants incorporated into the catalogue. I then create outfits with various knitwear, jewellery and shoe options in accordance with the client’s (new) style.

Catalogue your Clothes?*


A Personal Clothing Catalogue

“The client whose images I’ve attached here, always picks her outfits in bed in the morning as her hubby brings her coffee… love it!
She decides what she’s going to wear on the bottom and then decides from there. Therefore, I split the catalogue into various sections accordingly to bottoms : Pants, long skirts, short skirts, shorts, dresses. That also influenced the way I put together each outfit.
She also prefers that I group the accessories together as they fit – so the necklace, with the earrings, with the shoe.”
Now, that is one clever lady! Sorted.
*We can photograph and catalogue your wardrobe. Call Kara (073)032-1212 if you’d like to book an appointment.

Kara Fox