Break a sweat – elegantly

30 Jun 2016 | Style | 0 comments

My colleague Melanie always looks chic, no matter how casual she is it just seems effortless. So who better to ask, when posing the question,

“how do I go to gym and look good while I train?”

This may not seem like a concern to many, but gym spots are renowned for meetups and chance encounters. Making an effort to look presentable could make all the difference in turning what would have been a cringe-worthy moment into a happy connection.

Here are Melanie’s tips:

How to look good at gym:

Looking great while working up a sweat is no easy task, it takes a lot of effort to look effortlessly good while working out. Here I have come up with a few tips to assist you in your search for easy gym style.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]


Choosing lightweight and breathable fabrics is the basic of any gym outfit, try avoid cotton as it will cling to your body and absorbs heat rather opting for polyester or spandex. Don’t make the mistake of wearing a light coloured or white T-shirt as this will easily show sweat marks, look for a darker solid colour instead.


It’s generally a good idea to stick to one solid dark coloured workout legging to provide a sleeker silhouette, who doesn’t need a bit of help creating a slimmer looking leg and booty while doing squats.


Add a bit of excitement and personality to your simple outfit with a fun coloured or unusual print workout shoe.


A well fitted sports bra is a must, not just to keep your breasts from bouncing all over but to prevent back and neck pain too.


Never wear a full face of make up to the gym, foundation and eye liner smearing all over your face is never a good look. Rather opt for a lightweight BB cream or tinted moisturiser, a bit of waterproof mascara and a tinted lip gloss to enhance your natural workout glow.


Ensure your hair is tied up, sweaty hair that sticks to your face is never going to be attractive. A chic topknot or elegant high ponytail are easy options.

Thanks Melanie. These tips should go a long way to helping us all feel a lot more confident appearing at the gym!

Kara Fox


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