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Personal Shopper Job Description

Personal shoppers are experts in advising their clients along with giving the highest customised level of service possible to various individual shoppers.

They are generally responsible for providing personalised attention as well as giving advanced knowledge regarding services, products and trends.

Personal shoppers serve as trusted consultants for people with a great desire to enhance their buying experience.

This job requires a deep and open relationship with clients in order to communicate proactively with them on a regular basis as professional advisors.

They define the highest level of services, customer satisfaction and sales in each retail operation.

Personal shoppers also build client-base loyal shoppers who make frequent purchases. They transform their client’s shopping experience into an inspiring, productive and easy one.

They lead their client with appropriate shopping experience and guide them to services and products that suit their client’s desires and needs.

Relevant qualifications in fashion design, marketing and communication are necessary.

Experience in buying and retailing is also helpful. Experience as an Image Consultant/ Personal Shopper/ Wardrobe Consultant/ Personal Stylist is necessary.