How to Save Money on Expensive Shoes

5 Aug 2016 | Shopping | 1 comment

Every now & then, someone writes to me with a great article and asks if they can publish it to my blog. Who am I to deny such pearls of wisdom to you, my dear reader? Below, behold – an offering from Jason Greenhalgh, a shoe-lovin’ manly man with many good tips to get us all well-shod!

Did you know that shoes are one of the very first things that people notice about your appearance?

If you are looking to make a great and lasting first impression, you must certainly include rethinking your footwear choices.

Shoes by Erato

More than anything, it is important to pick out shoes that match the image that you want to project.

When it comes to great footwear choices, luxury designer shoes are never out of the picture. If there’s anything that makes paying a high price worth it, then it has to be for shoes. While money experts don’t entirely agree about expensive shoes as actual investments, purchasing them is like investing in yourself. They help bolster your image and boost your confidence as well.

That, to us, is as good as any sound investment.

As with any purchase that involves a great deal of money – any opportunity to save on the cost of expensive shoes is most welcome. And you have come to the right place.


Here are some very handy tips that can help you save money on your desired designer shoes:


1. Try vintage or second-hand shoes.

If you know where to find them and how to spot the genuines from the fakes, vintage and used shoes are a great alternative to buying brand new designer shoes. With proper care, this kind of luxury footwear will stay beautiful and wearable for a long time especially if they carry classic designs.

2. Know where to shop.

If you’re gunning for a brand new pair, make sure that you know where to get them. Don’t just go to a single store for your needs. Don’t go to places that sell them at suspiciously low prices either. Compare prices from among these stores and find out which ones give you the best deals.

3. Shop online.

Tons of deals are given away exclusively at online stores and you should not miss out. For instance, many brands and online luxury marketplaces offer their new online buyers a special code for downloading their app or simply for being new shoppers. Make sure to try out the style you want at a physical store before making the final purchase online to make sure you get it in the size that suits you perfectly. Also, you might want to try looking online for voucher codes which will get you a discount at places like Public Desire amongst others.

4. Shop off season.

Unless you’re a fashionista with the dying need to exclusively wear what’s in season, one of the best times to shop for shoes is to get them out of season. When there is hardly any demand for them, you can expect them to be a whole lot less expensive than they would be when they were in season. This is a perfect money-saving strategy if you’re looking for classic styles.

5. Ask directly.

It may seem intimidating to ask about existing discounts and promos in high-end boutiques but trust us – everybody does it. Don’t miss out on the many great possibilities just because you think it’s too embarrassing to ask. We’re pretty sure store clerks would be more than happy to let you know.


Here’s one thing to know about luxury shoes: they will never be cheap. But the quality that they come with can assure you that they will last you for years and years – ensuring you get your money’s worth out of them.

Thanks, Jason Greenhalgh for your tips! 

How do you save money on designer shoes? 

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