Image Makers List

19 May 2016 | Style | 1 comment

I spoke to Elana Afrika on the Expresso Morning Show last week about capsule wardrobes, storage and dressing solutions.

The station received loads of enquiries and calls after the slot for the “Image Makers” list, so here is is for you to download.

You can download your own Image Makers list here

Your Secret Weapon

Print it out, stick it inside your wardrobe with a pencil, and keep track of the outfits you put together and wear so that on “rushed” days, you merely have to glance at a record of what’s worked for you before, without having to spend time trying to be creative.IMAGE-MAKERS-THUMBYou saw it here first!
Kara Fox


Top Winter Clothes You Need in Your Wardrobe

Top Winter Clothes You Need in Your Wardrobe

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One to Watch

Nothing gets a gal’s blood racing faster than a well-turned out, well coordinated guy, who takes care of himself down to the subtlest...

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