How to Organise Your Wardrobe Like a Pro

10 Aug 2016 | Wardrobe | 3 comments

There’s no feeling quite as satisfying as the one you get when you’ve sorted out a chaotic wardrobe. Below, you’ll find the 5 steps (Click here to download the checklist summary to print) to get you on the road to closet organisation that will have you gloating like the Cheshire cat that just got the cream. Double. Whipped. Just in time for summer, here’s the ultimate spring clean to make getting dressed every morning a thousand times easier. Or a billion even.

Step 1

Set the Scene and Prepare

Make Time. Set aside 4-6 hours for this project. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your neat and tidy cupboard can be.
Label 4 refuse bags:

  4. STORAGE .

Label 4 Bin Bags


Print our Decision Guide card.
Fold it in half so it stands up nicely and place it somewhere you can see it while you work. You will refer to it every time you can’t decide what to do with an item.

Decision Card


You might like to buy:

Enough matching hangers for everything in your wardrobe. 

Uniformity in size and colour makes a huge difference to the final effect.

Gizmo Hangers - Pack of 10 - White

Budget option – Pack of 10 White Hangers from Takealot. Or you can get them at Builder’s Warehouse even cheaper. Opt for wooden ones if you have no space issues and want to be a little more fancy. Never choose wire hangers unless you want to ruin all your clothes in one simple step. Woolworths have some nice flocked ones, but to kit out your whole closet could be quite expensive. 


Step 2

Empty, Partition, Categorise

Start small. Empty your drawers and categorise.
I recommend starting on a small area like your underwear or pyjamas as a sort of “practice” exercise for later. It’s much easier to get into the hang of things this way.
How you like things arranged is a personal choice. Some people (type A)  love to see their bras lined up neatly, facing the same way and colour coded. For others (type Beebopaloobops), organised chaos is often the way to go, meaning you need to sort your “smalls” into categories and then aim to keep them clustered together.

Start small. Empty your drawers and categorise.

Use drawer dividers or even empty shoe boxes to keep the categories separate: bras, panties, tights, leggings, vests, petticoats etc. Ruthlessly toss anything that doesn’t make the grade when you look at your Decision Guide. The only things that are going back in your wardrobe are those you are going to use and enjoy.

Move on.
Don’t sweat the small stuff! Once your undies, PJ’s and small foldy things are easy to see in their categories, don’t get caught up in folding them neatly or colour coding perfectly. If you are particularly anal, you can do that another time.

Next, you are going to pick a much larger, more important area of your wardrobe to sort.

Step 3

Pick a target. Bulldoze.

Start with the biggest problem area, and work your way down. Only empty one area at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed.
Tackle “the worst” first. What’s the biggest problem in your wardrobe? Is it the folded stuff all jumbled together? Is it the hanging space that’s cluttered and completely deurmekaar? Whatever gives you nightmares, you are going to literally grab all that chaos, toss it on the bed! Empty the space completely. Sounds like a mission? You have to believe me, this really is the quickest way to tackle the beast.

Step 4


Before anything goes back into your wardrobe, create smaller piles of clothing categories.
Dealing with folded items? Then sort piles into long sleeved tops, short sleeve tops, t-shirts, cardigans, jerseys etc.
Dealing with hanging items? Sort piles into dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, etc.

Categorise into smaller piles of clothes

If you’re going to be hanging, count the items in each pile so you can make sure you have enough hangers.
By now your room looks like a bomb has hit it. Don’t panic. You’re almost there!


Step 5

Re-stock and Arrange

Pack your categorised clothes back into your wardrobe, keeping the Decision Guide in full view so that nothing goes back in that you won’t use and enjoy.

i. Hang all the hangers uniformly facing the same way.

Use the same hangers, all acing the same way
ii. Colour coding is the best way to keep a sustainably organised wardrobe in the long run. I often use the rainbow colours first, then grey leading into black, browns, neutrals to white.

colours for wardrobe sorting RAINBOW

Even a toddler could do it.


colours for wardrobe sorting NEUTRALS


iii. Your organising rule is “category first, then colour”. For example, dresses hanging together, regardless of length, arranged in their colours.

et…. voila!

Re-stock and Arrange. Sorted!


Click here to download the checklist to print and get started.

Hire a Pro to Sort it Out

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