Texture for Dummies

9 Jun 2011 | Style | 1 comment

A great way to add interest to any outfit is by considering the different textures.

If you think about the run-of-the-mill, every-day outfits we see on most people, and perhaps wear ourselves, there are generally only two textures that have been used (excluding the shoes). The top, and the bottom.


Anything less than 3 different textures in an outfit just looks ordinary, not very interesting. So challenge yourself to wear at least 3 different textures in an outfit to make it a bit more glamorous.

3 Textures

Wear at least 3 textures to make an outfit more glamorous.

A Variety of Textures


Tweed is so in at the moment, and will remain so into the coming winters. Not only will it keep you warm, it’s a fascinating texture to work with. It’s a rough, woollen fabric which originated in Scotland, and you can usually find 3 to 4 different colours in the weave.


Tweed Jacket

A classic tweed jacket will keep you warm and stylish this winter.




Printed fabrics have a great way of adding the idea of another texture in your outfit. Try to stick to patterns which have a maximum of 4 main, bold colours to avoid looking overdecorated. And try not to mix more than 1 different printed item per outfit.

Emilio Pucci dress

When wearing prints, try to minimise the amount of patterns/colours in the rest of your outfit, to avoid the look becoming too “busy”.

Soft, silky fabrics


Sheer fabrics that slither and slip are a great way to add some interest to outfits where more common fabrics like cotton and wool are the main event.

Silky Lanvin Blouse

Add a slippery silk to add another dimension of interest to your outfit.





To stay warm this winter, chunky knits and layering are once again the way to go. You can make the knit the main focal texture of your outfit by toning down the texture of the other items in your ensemble, using simple cottons and smooth silks.

Troworths Toggle Knit

A chunky knit this winter paired with jeans or leggings will keep the chill at bay, and add some interesting texture to your outfit.

What are your favourite textures to wear? How do you bring them all together?

Kara Fox

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