Top Winter Clothes You Need in Your Wardrobe

29 Jun 2018 | Fashion, Style | 0 comments

Ripped Jeans and a turtleneck sweater

When the days turn colder, it’s time to pack up summer clothes and start thinking about the things you can wear to keep you warm, but also look good. The best way to do this is, go through your existing clothes and make sure both that you have the items you’ll need and also that these items are in good condition. We’ve put together a list of key wardrobe staples for the cooler clime – a winter capsule wardrobe.

Check you have each of these items and as you’re doing so, whether they need any maintenance. Look out for rips, tears and moth holes. Inspect closely for stains. If you find any problems make sure you know how to remove ink stains from clothes or other marks as well as how to repair structural damage. If you need, click here for more information and look elsewhere online for handy hints and tips.

1. A raincoat

Raincoats are a must for winter when it’s likely to be more overcast and the chances of rain are higher. Make sure yours is still completely waterproof and it’s long enough to cover at least down to your knees. Also be sure to get one with a hood – no one wants to endure a thunderstorm with their hair and face exposed.

Winter Wardrobe Staples2. A turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck sweaters are a great catch-all item for winter as they’re sleek and stylish, but will also keep you warm and protected from the elements. Get them in neutral colours like black, grey or beige so they’ll match with lots of different items. Pair with jeans or chino trousers for a laid-back look.

3. Stone-washed jeans

pile of jeans for winterEveryone needs a good pair of jeans in their winter wardrobe collection. Jeans go with anything, they’re durable and warm, but are also pretty stylish: flare, skinny or cropped, you choose what you like. The trick with this type of trouser is to get a really good fit.

Make sure to try on quite a few before you buy to see how they look, or if you’re resurrecting a pair from last year get any adjustments done professionally if your body shape has changed.

4. A woollen beany hat

Hats are a great way to keep warm and are necessary when the temperature drops too low. A woollen beany will both keep you cosy and look good. Unlike other clothing items hats don’t really need to match too well so you can be a bit more experimental in your colour choices here. If you already have a hat, but feel like a new look, why not try dying it a different colour? There are lots of potential options available.

Those are our top picks for a winter wardrobe. Remember, now is the time to start sorting through your colder-weather clothes and see which works best for you.

Try to repair or revamp anything you particularly like and invest in a few key pieces that you’ll need. With a bit of effort, you’ll have a capsule wardrobe to keep you looking stylish until spring!



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